Tips For the Greatest Sex

I define the greatest sex by sex that has left you smiling, really relaxed, exhausted and anticipating more. In the general scheme of things, the first sex you have with someone is the interview; the second sex is the training period and the third sex? This means you have got it right and secured your position for more of the greatest sex!So, how do you make sure that you get more of the greatest sex?1. Plan for the first sex by talking to your partner. Many of us have these types of conversations with greater ease and more frankness on the phone of by email. So take advantage of this and learn all you can before your first encounter.2. Find out if you are about to have sex with someone who needs birth control or not. Next, decide who is in charge of birth control. Free spirited sex, without the worry of pregnancy is the key.3. Be a good listener and learn about your partner. This cues you into your true interest and sexual connection. Don’t be judgmental of suggestions, you might love it. The little secret wild things you do only build a stronger bond and create greater sex. Let your partner know you are willing to try new things and yet if you don’t like it this will be the first and last time for you.4. Pay attention to your hygiene. Nothing is a bigger turn off than bad breath or body odor. If you like someone well enough to have sex with them, then you should like them well enough polish and shine before you show up. On a related note, many people are sensitive to cologne and being exposed to it causes severe headaches. This is something you should inquire about before your date. The points you gain from this move are huge!5. Dress for sex. If you know that you are heading out to have sex, look nice and yet make your clothes sex friendly. They should be easy to remove.6. Do not show up without a gift of gratitude. A small bouquet is always nice. A small box of candy is a good choice too, and who knows, you might be forgiven any sexual blunders.7. Mind your manners, basic courtesy is always in your best interest. Don’t body check your date when they arrive unless their certain you already love their body.8. Pay attention to what you are doing and the response you get.9. Make eye contact. It is when you pay attention to the details you will find tips for the greatest sex.10. Be in the moment, ask and answer questions, let them know what you like and do not like. Show them you enjoy being with them. Talking to much is highly over rated, know some silences are good. To learn more about how to have the greatest sex visit my site and look for the Adult Sexuality tab.

Adult Tinkerbell Costume – Fairy Fun For Everyone

People love dressing up as fairies for Halloween and other costume parties, including adults. And one of the most fun of all is the adult Tinkerbell costume. The Fairy is human yet magical, small yet powerful, innocent yet sexy, and good-natured yet mischievous – and sometimes even ill-tempered. Fairies symbolize simplicity and freedom, nature and magic. Wearing a fairy costumes allows people to be cheerful, sexy, and mischievous, which is a wonderfully fun combination at parties. It should come as no surprise then, that fairy costumes are among the most popular purchased for Halloween.The most famous and well-known fairy is, of course, Tinkerbell from the books and movies of Peter Pan. Disney’s version of Tinkerbell in their animated Peter Pan movie set the standard for Tinkerbell’s appearance as a short, long-haired blond in a green leafy dress. There have been other versions of Tinkerbell in the media, however. In Hook, the live-action sequel to Peter Pan, Tinkerbell was played by the tall, short-haired redhead Julia Roberts, and wore a costume of shirt and shorts of light brown leather. The point is that anyone today, regardless of height, weight, hair or skin color, can be unmistakably recognized wearing adult Tinkerbell costumes.These two movie costumes can also be used to represent the two aspects of Tinkerbell. The sweet, sexy, and helpful Disney Tinkerbell wears the green dress, while the energetic, mischievous, and at times jealous Julia Roberts Tinkerbell wears the brown shirt and shorts.If you want to dress in a mischievous, jealous adult Tinkerbell costume, then choose a costume comprising of dark colors and matte fabrics. The different shades of brown from the Hook Tinkerbell costume is a good start, but feel free to experiment with shade of dark green, blue, purple, red, or even black. Use fabrics that absorb light rather than reflect it, such as velvet or suede. Use dark makeup colors, add dark colored or stripped tights, and ware boots. When choosing wings, go for the colored, butterfly-shaped wings, rather than the traditional pale dragonfly winds. Be sure to play lots of pranks on people at the party.If you choose to pursue a sweet and helpful adult Tinkerbell costume, use the Disney-style green “leafy” dress as your starting point. You can use any shade of green from the light chartreuse and lime colors, to darker shades of emerald and forest green. Feel free to mix shade of green. Choose fabrics that are shiny, like silk, satin, or polyester, and trim the dress with glitter, sequins, or rhinestones for a sparkly, glittery effect. For footwear, you can go barefoot, or try white or green ballet slippers. Finally, complete the costume with traditional white or iridescent dragonfly wings.If you want to try the sexy Tinkerbell costumes for adults, start with the sweet and helpful Disney adult Tinkerbell costume and tweak it in just the right places. Instead of a full, knee-length skirt with scalloped edges, aim for a figure-hugging mid-thigh length skirt comprised of separate, overlapping green “leaf” pieces that will occasional separate to flash your legs as you walk. Choose a sleeveless (or maybe even strapless) bodice with a low neckline. Finish the costume with white, silver, or green high heels.Tinkerbell was known for her famous pixie dust that allowed anyone sprinkled with it to fly. Therefore, pixie dust is a requirement for any adult Tinkerbell costume. A small bag filled with glitter works wonderfully. Alternately, for people worries about making a mess or running out of pixie dust, a wand with gold or silver metallic streamers attached to the end, works just as well. Both glitter and metallic streamers can be bought from any party supply store.

How to Have Massive Success in Adult Dating and Fulfill Your Wildest Fantasies (and Stay Safe)

Follow These Essential Tips to Ensure You Get the Best out of Your Adult Dating ExperienceFulfilling your wildest fantasies, fetishes and sexual desires has become easier than ever since the invention of adult dating online. It has become explosively popular over the past few years resulting in millions of members world wide. You can find an adult site that caters for almost every country of the world from Albania to China and even Gabon! There is a huge online community of people out there who you are free to share and explore your wildest fantasies with.You can browse through adult photo galleries of men and women who are genuinely looking to fulfill their sensual desires with other consenting adults. Everything from Straight sex, gay sex, threesomes, swingers parties, fetishes, a naughty chat online and just about everything else you can think of (and some things you’ve never heard of!).Just looking through these sites is very steamy and lots of fun. The sites are very user friendly and it’s free to browse. Many of the sites have lots of fun extra features like video chat rooms with sizzling video clips, 24hr live webcams and details of hot adult and swingers parties and events in your area.Getting Started in Adult Dating OnlineSo where do you start out in the adult dating scene? Well there are many adult dating websites that have free trials with no credit card or payment required to register.Once you’ve found the site that interests you most, take advantage of the free trial and get your profile up to start having fun. It’s that simple! With many sites, before you can contact other members you will usually have to pay something but that is where the fun begins!Before you decide to jump into the world of adult dating, you should have a healthy self-image and a sense of self-liberation and confidence. The adult dating sites contain plenty of mature material, pictures and contents for individuals seeking sexual encounters of all kind so be prepared!You must start off knowing what you want. You have to know what you’re comfortable with and what you are not right from the outset. Do you just want a simple discreet encounter? Do you want a swinger’s party? Is it a specific kind of encounter that you want? Are you curious about it all? Be clear in your own head what you want and don’t let other people persuade you into anything you’re not comfortable with. Stick to your guns and you’ll have a great time.Essential Tips for Success on Adult Dating SitesCreate a unique and descriptive username.Many people skip through this bit giving it no importance at all but your user-name is the first hint at what kind of person you are and what kind of encounter you want have. It needs to be original, memorable, and fun. It doesn’t have to always be sexual but then again there is nothing wrong with a little tease. Be positive and go ahead and flatter yourself and see if you can incorporate in your username something about your great qualities.Write a compelling headline.Along with your picture and your username, this is what people view when browsing adult dating sites and it’s your most powerful chance to entice a person and get them to open your full profile and find out more about you. Your headline should compel people to read on and find out more. Don’t be shy about being there and write – “I’m new to this sort of thing” – and don’t write boring or uninteresting information like “My name’s Jan, I’m 40 and am looking for fun in Sydney” This isn’t enticing. It’s boring and will most likely be overlooked. This headline is your sales pitch to get them to open your profile so make it intriguing if you can. Remember – The purpose of the headline just to tempt people to read more. That is its only purpose. Some good ones I have seen are”Open my profile and find out why my the last people I had a threesome with keep calling me back for more”And my other favorite….”Find out the five reasons why you’ll want to play doctors and nurses with me!” Do you get the picture? They both make you intrigued to read on and find out what this person is all about. Another great thing to do is to browse through these websites and check out what other people are writing for their headlines. This will give you some ideas of what works and what doesn’t.Creating your description of yourselfYou really have to approach writing this as if you were writing a resume or a marketing piece. It’s a sales pitch to a person who can fulfill your wildest fantasies. Great ads are the ones that grab eyeballs and push people into action. A great advertisement should be a like a personalized enticing invitation asking others to get in touch right away. Stand out by being creative in your personal profile. Instead of doing the regular age and vital stats thingy, use personalized exiting copy telling people why they should want to engage with you. Don’t be afraid to tell all the great things about you. You’re aloud to flatter yourself. Confidence is one of the sexiest traits you can portray in your writing. That being said, keep the next point in mind…Be honestMake sure you resist the urge to embellish the truth too much when writing your online profile. Don’t try to entice somebody by lying about how you look or what kinds of things you’re into. It will only come back to bite you on the bum later (possibly literally!) Just keep it real. The last thing you want is to have to worry about all the fibs you told when you’re on the ‘dates’ you’ve scored. This is a trap many people fall into. Don’t let it happen to you.You Get Out What You Put inLike anything in life, you will get much more out of adult dating if you put a bit of effort into it. Remember that online ‘dating’ is designed to help get what you are looking for but without your input it would be like sitting in the toilets at a party! Send out lots of emails, chat to lots of people. You don’t have to just pick one and wait to see what eventuates. Respond quickly to other peoples emails and you will get better results.Playing it Safe – Tips for Staying Safe when Adult DatingKeep Your Personal Details PrivateIt is important that you remain anonymous in your early online communications with a person. Don’t give out your real email address, last name, phone number, address or place of work during your correspondence. If a person places pressure on you to give this information do not give it out. If they are persistent or pesky stop all communications with them. It’s best not to give out this information at all unless you have met with them (preferably more than once) and are satisfied that it is safe to do so.If possible check with your ISP and check that your online profile does not give out more personal information than you are comfortable with.You can keep your email address anonymous with email redirection services like Bigfoot or you can also just sign up for a separate email account to your main one and just use that exclusively for adult dating and other things you wish to remain anonymous for (obviously don’t use you real name in the email address). Also be careful that any email signatures that you have do not give out personal details like your place of work, phone number, address or full name.Trust your Intuition99% of people on line have the best of intentions but in order to keep that lousy 1% at bay make sure you follow these tips. If your online correspondent doesn’t answer questions directly, lies, deliberately misleads you or just gives off a bad vibe, trust your better instincts and get rid of them fast. Better to find someone you can feel comfortable withMeeting in PersonDon’t allow yourself to be pressured into meeting a person before you ready. Make sure you do not agree to anything before you meet them in person. The first meeting should be like a bit like a date in that you still have room to make your mind up on whether you’d like to go ahead with any adult activity with the person your meeting.Make sure you meet in a public place the first time and if you like you can even organize for your friend to be nearby to keep an eye on you. Your online buddy will understand and accommodate your wishes if they are honest about their intentions towards you. If during the date, you decide to go somewhere else, use your own transport and try to stay in public places until you feel you know the person well enough. Going to your own home or theirs is not ideal. If you’d like to go somewhere more private it is best to go to a hotel (and ideally one that you make the reservation for)It’s important to let a friend know where you are going, with whom, and arrange to call them after your date. If you travel to meet your on-line friend, make your own hotel and car reservations and don’t give out private information about yourself while on your date (place of work, phone numbers etc). Get your own transport to and from the date even if you’re offered a lift.Getting out of TroubleIf you start feeling uncomfortable about your date, politely from excuse yourself from the situation. Excuse yourself and leave by the back door if necessary. Do not hesitate to ask for help from persons nearby, call your family, friends or the police if you feel the situation warrants. Trust your judgment and don’t be afraid of potential embarrassment. Better to be embarrassed than physically hurt or intimidated.