Tips For the Greatest Sex

I define the greatest sex by sex that has left you smiling, really relaxed, exhausted and anticipating more. In the general scheme of things, the first sex you have with someone is the interview; the second sex is the training period and the third sex? This means you have got it right and secured your position for more of the greatest sex!So, how do you make sure that you get more of the greatest sex?1. Plan for the first sex by talking to your partner. Many of us have these types of conversations with greater ease and more frankness on the phone of by email. So take advantage of this and learn all you can before your first encounter.2. Find out if you are about to have sex with someone who needs birth control or not. Next, decide who is in charge of birth control. Free spirited sex, without the worry of pregnancy is the key.3. Be a good listener and learn about your partner. This cues you into your true interest and sexual connection. Don’t be judgmental of suggestions, you might love it. The little secret wild things you do only build a stronger bond and create greater sex. Let your partner know you are willing to try new things and yet if you don’t like it this will be the first and last time for you.4. Pay attention to your hygiene. Nothing is a bigger turn off than bad breath or body odor. If you like someone well enough to have sex with them, then you should like them well enough polish and shine before you show up. On a related note, many people are sensitive to cologne and being exposed to it causes severe headaches. This is something you should inquire about before your date. The points you gain from this move are huge!5. Dress for sex. If you know that you are heading out to have sex, look nice and yet make your clothes sex friendly. They should be easy to remove.6. Do not show up without a gift of gratitude. A small bouquet is always nice. A small box of candy is a good choice too, and who knows, you might be forgiven any sexual blunders.7. Mind your manners, basic courtesy is always in your best interest. Don’t body check your date when they arrive unless their certain you already love their body.8. Pay attention to what you are doing and the response you get.9. Make eye contact. It is when you pay attention to the details you will find tips for the greatest sex.10. Be in the moment, ask and answer questions, let them know what you like and do not like. Show them you enjoy being with them. Talking to much is highly over rated, know some silences are good. To learn more about how to have the greatest sex visit my site and look for the Adult Sexuality tab.